Tetelestai Reviews

I came across this book today while searching for books of Life in Christ. The title threw me off, but I read the sampler and as I read, the information grabbed my attention. I am not an addict, I am not someone with traumatic experiences, but I have and know people and loved ones who are and continue to struggle in life. Thank you to the authors for their clear and precise and yet simple direction to walk out of the past into the wonderful life that is found in Christ.  – CJ

In working with many who are broken in so many ways, this book gives the Lord’s reminder to us that He makes our paths straight. The authors in my opinion were a voice for the Lord in guiding us thru this wonderful piece of literature. I look forward to God’s work thru the authors in the future and I know God will use this resource to touch so many of His lost sheep. -Jen Jones, Chaplain

Tetelestai Recovery is not one of your everyday run of the mill books on recovery. They take a fresh approach with insight that is so deep, that it pierces the very soul of the reader, thereby reaching the heart. If there is to be real change, it’s not enough to take in knowledge alone, it has to impact the heart, the seat of motivation. Tetelestai Recovery does that, its honesty, discernment, insightfulness reaches the heart, it moves one to willing make changes. Their approach is like no other in that they share a new approach and outlook of allowing Christ to walk with you in your journey of recovery as a close companion, confidant, and as fierce defender. You will get lost in their writings, time will pass too quickly, but that’s what happens when it’s more than just your mind involved, when the heart wakes up and stands at attention, that’s when real change occurs. It’s not only those in recovery that would benefit from these writings; this publication has sound principles that can be applied across the board for anyone. If you are walking with a friend or loved one in recovery, this is a must read for you to be more effective in your support and understanding. This publication is gaining momentum, and it is already being highly praised and recommended in many circles, find out why, it is well worth your time, you won’t be disappointed. 

– Melody Hofmeister, Lead Strategist in Creative Development; Calibrated Minds Inc.

Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read!! These authors are definitely the real deal! Along with being biblically sound, it’s practical and beyond insightful! So if your looking to get fired up to overcome your struggles, but more importantly getting closer to God, this book will definitely help you do that!! ~Andrew