In a world of competition and comparisons, you sometimes wonder if your value is measured by what you do, rather than by who you are.

This is a concern for many human beings. Some struggle to do more, or to be better than everyone else in order to feel significant.  Others think that money, talent or popularity will make them feel important. Sadly, these schemes are worthless.

Knowing that you are handmade by the Creator of the universe assures you of your value.  Since you are so special to God, He designed you in a unique and wonderful way. Before your mother even knew you existed, God was already weaving together the strands of your DNA.

Imagine His excitement as He  selected your eye color, your voice tone, and your sense of humor! He gave you a love for animals and the ability to connect with them on a level other humans may not understand. He infused you with a high level of curiosity and compassion.

He placed within you, specific gifts and talents which you are just beginning to discover.

Your value is far beyond what you do or say. You are much more important than your achievements or your awards.

You are a person with a destiny; designed by the God of the galaxies.

You play an important role in the future of humanity. Each day you spend on this planet becomes a  significant part of history.

God knows the value of your unique human spirit. He knows that your heart is filled with compassion, determination, and enthusiasm. He has given you a mind, body, and temperament which will are ideal for your journey.

Long before anyone knew you, God was sketching out a plan; designing you perfectly for the destiny which will be yours.