Saying is Sowing

Chapter 9

  • Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Psalm 107:2

We believe in the scriptural principle of sowing and reaping. We see the effects of this principle in the natural realm as well as the spiritual. We are certain that an oak tree will not grow from a thistle seed. Therefore we do not expect to receive hope and healing by speaking of our addiction as a lumbering giant which threatens to steal our sobriety.

We dare not speak of relapse, as this seed grows into a massive, poisonous vine which produces an itchy sensation known as irritable, restless, and discontent syndrome. We dare not speak of our past indiscretions as a boastful or laughable matter, for this seed will grow into a field of dandelion memories, brightly colored egotistical blooms which turn to hollow shams of fly away seeds, searching for another ego to embed. We dare not speak of our resentments, for this is the thicket which depletes our energy and slows our progress.

The words which produce a harvest we don’t want ought never be sown by our voice.